Thanks for considering being a part of the adventure by contributing to your preferred group – either St. John’s University or to Shakespeare & Company (no part of the contribution is used to support the activity itself).

Please contribute anything you like but I suggest that it be some multiple of the number of miles – even one-penny per mile.  Because there is no agreement about the length of the river, a one-cent per mile contribution implies a donation in the range of $23.00 to $25.52 (e.g., $25.52, $102.08, $255.52, $2,552.00). Of course, any amount is appreciated. When I am off of the river, I will send a note of thanks. (Note that the donation is in recognition of my trip.)

DONATE TO:   St.John’s University   OR   Shakespeare & Company 

Thanks to the many past students and friends who helped in the development of this fundraising activity; especially, Nana Addo, Steve Adelman, Estela Aleski, Evren Kasikci, Jeremy Perlman, and others. Thanks in advance to all of the friends and students who donate.